Sencha Touch tablet application for remote-control of HVAC systems. Designed for large institutions such as schools, banks and hotels.

Voice-controlled, Sencha Touch-based tablet app designed to be installed in automobiles for controlling GPS, Music and Phone

Performed 5-day ExtJS 4 training course for their development team as well as several on-site vists. Desgined their app's core-architecture

Worked on-site with local development team in Zurich assiting with their currency-trading application platform.

Performed on-site ExtJS training at their facility in Bremen, Germany on two separate occasions.

Performed 4-day ExtJS 3 bootcamp training session at their facility in Chicago

  • Chris is one the best Javascript programmers I have worked with. He is able to quickly grasp new technologies and new opportunities to leverage Javascript. His experience with libraries like Prototype, Moo and YUI led to YUI-Ext which became ExtJS and finally Sencha. He has as much experience with Sencha as anyone. I recommend Chris as one the best resources for Sencha programming.

    David Lazar

    President at Resistor Software
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • When we where about to start off with a complete rewrite of our existing UI, we arranged a training session with Chris Scott. This training session and contact with Chris afterwards, laid the ground for our successful implementation and release launch 12 month later. It's been pleasure to learn from an experts who leaves no questions unanswered, and who constantly searches for solutions to whatever problem comes up.

    Henrik Fjorback

    Product Owner at Multi-Support
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • Chris from Transistor Software is the perfect contractor: experienced, smart, professional, efficient. We outsourced all of our front-end UI work to him and the results have been fantastic. The work he's done for us has been of outstanding quality and working with him is a real pleasure.

    Nicolas Kruchten

    Head of Product Engineering at Datacratic
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • Transistor Software - Chris Scott - has held us in an excellent training. It was a great pleasure to follow his remarks, as it was always addressed our needs and questions.

    Rene Bartholomay

    Senior Referent Operations Management at Deutsche Telekom AG
    Hired Transistor Software in 2010
  • Chris Scott of Transistor Software was hired to re-architect and extend our existing Sencha Touch 2 application. He delivered elegant, performant code under tight time pressure and trained our in-house team effectively to better understand the ST framework and Compass-based theming. Of particular note was his responsiveness and willingness to put in extra hours when we had an upcoming deliverable involving his code. All in all, highly recommended-- this guy knows his stuff.

    Garrett Weinberg

    Principal Software Engineer at Nuance
    Hired Transistor Software in 2012
  • Transistor Software was great. They were timely, affordable, technically expert, and forward thinking.

    John Morey

    Owner at Zip DeCoder
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • I took a Sencha/ExtJS course that Mr. Chris Scott tought in summer of 2009 in Montreal, Canada. The course was excellently designed and delivered. Useful practical examples illustrated the theory. I learned a lot of new concepts and best practices during that course. Mr. Chris Scott demonstrated deep understanding of the subject, extensive knowledge of the latest web development concepts, excellent hands-on experience with OO JavaScript, ROR and PHP. I can highly recommend Mr. Chris Scott as Senior Web/JavaScript Developer to any company / project. He is knowlegeable, highly professional developer with exceptional communications skills.

    Janet Kulyk

    Owner, Senior Developer at JK IT Consulting Ltd.
    Hired Transistor Software in 2009
  • I am writing to tell you about SkillSoft’s experience with our Sencha Ext JS training. We recently hosted Chris Scott at our Nashua, NH facility to train a group of five senior developers with the 201 course. Chris is an excellent instructor and has an agreeable personality, which meshed well with our developers. He answered all questions to our complete satisfaction and covered the 201 syllabus in sufficient detail. In addition, he provided individual attention to each trainee within the “hands-on” training. Finally, he discussed some of the issues that we encountered while using Sencha Ext JS. Chris also talked about improvements to how we are currently using Sencha Ext JS. The information he conveyed has already been put to good use and will continue as the project progresses. Chris is a first-rate resource. Sencha is fortunate to have him on its team. Sincerely, James Henderson

    James Henderson

    Principal Software Engineer at SkillSoft
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • I worked with Chris Scott on a very large EXT enabled site for several months during which I learned an enormous amount of information about EXT and JS in general. Without Chris' help we'd never have been able to get the site off the ground. With his aid and a lot of reference to the EXT docs, our small team was able to extensively theme views, and other interfaces and develop a very unique site for the Quebec government. The results of all of our effort can be seen here: http://www.destinationquebec.com/ Given that this was my first experience using EXT I was very grateful that I was able to rely on experts to point the way in what was a very difficult but rewarding theming job. With that experience in hand we were able to move forward with EXT onto other projects and continued to consult with Transistor on those projects as well. If you're looking for expertise in Sencha Transistor Software is what you're after.

    Jesse Sutherland

    Front end developer at Bluesponge
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • Chris Scott was a prompt and knowledgeable resource who really helped us to bring our project to where we wanted it. We're looking forward to continue to work with him for future app development stages and anything else where his expertise and work ethic will bring us the same degree of success.

    Anthony Philbin

    President at meTracker Inc.
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • We engaged Chris to to assist us on two fronts 1) training on the new ExtJS 4.x platform and 2) on-going consulting with respect to the new UI architecture that Chris assisted us in developing. Chris came into a very difficult environment, with a complex application / business domain and was quickly able to bring a rather green group of developers up to speed on how to properly build an application using the features of ExtJS. Chris was able to work both on-site and remotely in an effective manner with little direction beyond an initial problem statement and deliver a superior solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing applications and server stack. I would whole-heartedly recommend Chris if you are looking for someone that can bring value to your organization quickly and effectively. Steve


    Senior Architect at PureFacts Financial Solutions Inc
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011
  • I had the opportunity to work with Transistor Software on a iOS application written with Sencha. They delivered an excellent product, always responded to my requests and questions in a timely manner, and taught me everything I needed to know to get up to speed on this platform. I already recommended them to other business partners and I will continue to do so in the future.

    Julien Gilli

    Software Developer at Freelance
    Hired Transistor Software in 2013
  • Transistor Software was hired to develop a long-term project for this company. They have consistently been on top of everything and have a great knowledge base and possess the experience to make an app efficiently. Working with this company has been a pleasant experience for the last 6-7 months, and we would recommend this company to anyone looking for programmers who know exactly what they're doing.

    John S

    Project Manager at Disaster Solutions
    Hired Transistor Software in 2011